London Street Portraits

Megan Revell, Artist Statement

Whilst studying Photography at Bishopsgate, I became captivated by the colour and texture of the urban landscape. I enjoy exploring and finding hidden beauty within London and beyond. I have become intrigued with the experimentation of colour and detail within my images, and now specialise in ‘high dynamic range’ photography. This technique includes taking a series of photos of the same scene. Each image is exposed at a different level and all the images are then collated. This produces a photo with a very high tonal range; which brings out the colour and detail of the landscape, normally hidden from the naked eye.

I live and work in London where I explore different areas, constantly hoping to find a beautiful corner or scene. Incorporation of nature within my images is vital; be it the rays of the sun, reflections formed from puddles, or the texture created from fallen snow. This in turn helps me create beautiful and original images.

I also like to incorporate how people have made an impact on the streets of London. This may include letters sprayed onto a wall, a cartoon image painted onto a building or how human destruction has brought out beauty in an un-expected way.

I hope that my artwork will encourage people to open their eyes and take a second look at these often forgotten and hidden areas of beauty.